Entries by Brian Colin

James Foley – Captured in Libya

David reruns his interview with James Foley, the GlobalPost journalist who was brutally murdered on August 19, 2014 by ISIS. The original interview ran exactly three years ago today and was on the subject of Foley’s captivity in Libya. It is a hard piece to listen to knowing what then happened to Foley but AM […]

Patrick Skinner – ISIS Update

Patrick Skinner, Director of Special Projects at the Soufan Group, joins David to give an update on ISIS and their progress through Iraq. They also discuss what actions must be taken to not only stop the progress of ISIS but also to send them backwards to defeat. The Soufan Group is an independent agency headquartered […]

Andy Hall – Denali’s Howl

David is joined by former editor and publisher of Alaska magazine Andy Hall to talk about his new book Denali’s Howl. This book tells the true story of the 1967 Wilcox expedition which took place on Mount McKinley, an expedition where 12 men set out to summit Denali and only 5 returned. While there have […]

Karin Slaughter – Cop Town

David is joined by Atlanta-based novelist Karin Slaughter to chat about her latest work Cop Town. Unlike a majority of her previous works, this book is a stand-alone novel replacing recurring character Will Trent with female cop Kate Murphy. Aside from the suspense expected from Slaughter’s works, this book examines the issue of being a […]