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Andrew Young

Andy Young is a legendary American who’s life work has been extraordinary. He was one of Martin Luther King’s key lieutenants, a US Congressman, Ambassador to the United Nations and two-term Atlanta Mayor.  He was instrumental in brining the Olympics to Atlanta.  In this interview he joins David Lewis to discuss the impact that Muhammad […]

Dewey Clarridge

David is joined by an anonymous friend and colleague of legendary spy, Duane “Dewey” Clarridge.  The recently deceased Clarridge was one of the most celebrated and infamous members of the espionage world who battled America’s enemies across the globe, starting in the Cold War.

Peter Bergen

Peter Bergen – a frequent guest on Conversations with David Lewis — was the first western reporter to interview Osama Bin Laden, in 1997, when he met the terrorist leader in a cave in Afghanistan.  The United States of Jihad is Bergen’s most recent book on Bin Laden and those he has inspired.  This book […]

Bill Nordmark/John Grant

Executives Nordmark and Grant talk about their efforts to start white and black leaders talking to each other in new and personal ways, through The Atlanta Friendship Initiative.  A brand-new movement launched in the wake of racial incidents over the last year, The Initiative is attracting dozens of people to meet each other in friendship.