Eric Haney – Delta Force

Eric Haney is a founding member of the elite military unit, Delta Force, and later the author of the book Inside Delta Force which was a memoir of his experiences. The book would also become the basis of the CBS drama The Unit for which Haney was both a writer and executive producer. Most recently, Haney has moved into fiction with his newest book, No Mans’ Land, which is the first in what will become a series.

Original Air Date: 02-28-2010


Jeffrey Sonnenfeld – Wall Street Excess

Jeffrey Sonnenfeld is a professor at the Yale School of Management and founder of the Chief Executive Leadership Institute. His books include Firing Back: How Great Leaders Rebound After Career Disasters, and The Hero’s Farewell: What happens when CEOs Retire. In this conversation he discusses the keys to successful management and leadership as well as dissects examples of both positive and negative shows of leadership within the business community. This interview followed the initial wave of fury over outsized Wall Street bonuses.

Original Air Date: 02-7-2010