Rising Up – A Westside Story

Rising Up Trailer

GroundTruthing the Midterms

The Curator – Al Jazeera America

60 Minutes – Yucca Mountain

This is the promo for the 60 Minutes story by David Lewis Productions about nuclear waste disposal.

CNBC – Miracle at East Lake

The Emmy-nominated piece done for CNBC’s magazine program, Business Nation. Anchor Tyler Mathisen was the on-camera correspondent for the program.

The story told the story of how an Atlanta businessman, Tom Cousins, took on the arduous task of transforming one of the worst housing projects in the country… and succeeded.

Warren Buffett happened to catch the program and has since joined with Cousins and Julian Robertson (of the Tiger Fund) to spread similar programs to multiple other cities under an umbrella called “Purpose Built Communities”. New Orleans is one of the cities and President Obama recently visited their project there.

Frontline – Hezbollah – Party of God

This 20-minute documentary was shot shortly after the horror of 9/11 and focused on the group the US government said would be “next on our list” after Al Qaeda. After lengthy negotiations Hezbollah granted Lewis unprecedented access to an American reporter. Lewis was producer, director and on-camera reporter for this story that was shot all over Lebanon, including the Bekaa Valley, Beirut, the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila, the border area with Israel and elsewhere.

Winning the War On Terror

Promo for the CNN documentary about how different countries around the world fight terrorism.

Shot in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza; London, Belfast and elsewhere in Northern Ireland; Paris; Madrid; New York and Washington, DC. Interview subjects included: Dame Stella Rimington, the first woman to lead Britain’s MI6; former IRA fighters Marian Price and Sean O’Callaghan; French Terrorism Czar, Judge Jean-Louis Bruguiere; Pierre Bousquet de Florian, head of the French foreign intelligence service; Stephen White, former Deputy Commissioner of the Police Service of Northern Ireland; Tel Aviv Police Chief, David Tsur; former White House Homeland Security Deputy, Richard Falkenrath; Richard Haas, President of the Council on Foreign Relations; John McLaughlin, former CIA Deputy Director; Ehud Olmert, then Deputy Prime Minister of Israel; Jacob Perry, former head of Israel’s Shin Bet; Palestinian security chief, Mohammad Dahlan; Dan Meridor, former Israeli Minister of Justice.

CNBC Business Nation – The Tri-Border

This CNBC investigation of illegal financial activity and terrorist financing in Latin America was done for their magazine program, Business nation. Shot in Asuncion and Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, Foz da Iguacu and Sao Paulo, Brazil, New York and Washington, DC. This shoot required massive security because of the possibility of street crime and took us on hidden camera shoots of gun stores and stores selling counterfeit goods, inside mosques in the heart of the jungle, out on patrol with Brazilian river police, on raids with Paraguayan Special Forces and inside many unique situations.

Subjects included: investigator Mark McCabe, a former CIA Case Officer, former FBI terrorism-financing Chief Dennis Lormel, Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau and many others.

The on-camera reporter was Trish Regan.

CNN Presents – Nuclear Terror

A CNN Presents documentary on the possibility of nuclear terrorism: who would want to try it, how they’d do it and how to stop it. A group project shot all over the world, the portions done by David Lewis were shot in Hong Kong, Macau, Los Angeles and Long Beach, Boston, New York and Washington, DC.

The filming involved hidden camera shooting in Macau, on boats in the South China Sea, in container ports in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, going on patrol with Coast Guard teams and many other unique environments.

Experts included: Graham Allison and Matthew Bunn from Harvard, Stephen E. Flynn from the Council on Foreign Relations and Physicist Matthew McKinzie from the NRDC