John Leland – Cyberstalking in Academia

John_Leland-150x150David chats with New York Times reporter John Leland about his article “Online Battle Over Sacred Scrolls, Real World Consequences.” This article tells the tale of Raphael Golb who was recently sentenced to six months in prison for cyber-stalking. And while most of these cases involve celebrity obsession or crazed lovers, this case involves two noted experts on the Dead Sea Scrolls. Raphael’s father, Norman Golb, is one of the world’s few experts on the Dead Sea scrolls. After seeing his father disagree with another noted expert Raphael took to the internet to discredit the work of Lawrence Schiffman, another noted expert on Dead Sea scrolls.

Original Air Date: 2-26-2013


Larry Tye – Satchel: The Life and Times of An American Legend

Satchel_PaigeDavid explores the life and career of one of baseball’s most impressive and least heralded stars – Satchel Paige. David speaks with journalist and author Larry Tye who has written a new biography ofSatchel Paige. For most of his career, Paige toiled in the obscurity of the Negro Leagues where he racked up statistics unparalleled ever in the history of baseball. He pitched longer, harder, and more consistently than any pitcher on record. Tye’s new book is called, Satchel: The Life and Times of An American Legend.

Original Air Date: 2-14-2013




Jason Stearns – Dancing in the Glory of Monsters

David is joined by Jason Stearns, the author of the book Dancing in the Glory of Monsters: The Collapse of the Congo and the Great War of Africa. Stearns has been writing about the Congo for over a decade and chats with David about how corrupt government and outside countries have prevented the resource-rich Congo from realizing its potential.

Original Air Date: 2-07-2013


David Blankenhorn – Gay Marriage

David Blankenhorn of the Institute for American Values joins David to talk about his evolving views on the subject of gay marriage. In 2008, Blankenhorn testified in favor of Prop 8 banning gay marriage. However, in June 2012 David wrote a piece for the New York Times announcing that his views have changed and that he is now in favor of gay marriage.

Original Air Date: 2-06-2013


Tom Murray – Lance Armstrong and Doping

David chats with bio-ethicist Tom Murray about the saga of Lance Armstrong and bigger issue of doping in sports. In the case of Lance Armstrong, Tom begins his argument focusing on the nature of doping in cycling. As a cyclist, Murray suggests that an athlete must use performance enhancing drugs to maintain the same level of performance as the larger majority of cyclists who are also doping. While the conversation begins with cycling, it moves to looking at strength-based sports like weightlifting and of course perhaps the most-affected sport of baseball.

Original Air Date: 2-05-2013


Tom Baxter – Saxby Chambliss

Veteran journalist Tom Baxter reflects on the career and upcoming retirement of Georgia Senator Saxby Chambliss. Elected to congress in 1994 during Newt Gingrich’s “Republican revolution,” Saxby has grown into one of the more moderate voices in an increasingly bi-partisan chamber. In January 2013, Chambliss announced that this intense partisanship and inability to get any work done in Senate has led him back to a life of sipping whiskey and enjoying a more fulfilling Southern life.

Original Air Date: 1-31-2013