Taylor Branch – The King Years

David is joined by author Taylor Branch to chat about his new book The King Years: Historic Moments in the Civil Rights Movement. Taken from three previous books Branch has written on the subject of Martin Luther King Jr., this book highlights 18 of the most essential moments in the Civil Rights Movement.

Original Air Date: 1-18-2013



Part 1 [audio:http://1690wmlb.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/CWDL-Taylor_Branch_The_King_Years_Part_1.mp3]

Part 2 [audio:http://1690wmlb.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/CWDL-Taylor_Branch_The_King_Years_Part_2.mp3]

James Bamford – Raiders of the Congo

James Bamford tells the amazing story of two white men who arrived in Congo hoping to start a security company and later became the focus of an epic manhunt. These two soldiers of fortune, Joshua French and Tjostolv “Mike” Moland, had mysteriously murdered the man who was helping them reach safety after their motorcycles succumbed to the harsh desert terrain. This story appears in the November 2012 issue of GQ and can also be found here.

Original Air Date: 1-16-2013


Beth Schapiro – Poverty in Atlanta

David chats with Beth Schapiro about a recent study on poverty in Atlanta conducted by The Schapiro Group where she serves as President/CEO. This study, which has a specific focus on mutli-generational poverty, looks to find the causes that lead to multi-generational poverty and also searches for answers to the problem.

Original Air Date: 1-15-2013


Sam Fulwood – Django Unchained and Race

David chats with Sam Fulwood at the Center for American progress on issue of race in the latest Quinten Tarantino film “Django Unchained.” Though it has received rave reviews, some people (including Spike Lee) have been less than gracious with use of slavery to tell a story. Fulwood talks about his impressions after seeing the film and how he viewed the issue of slavery and race in the film.

Original Air Date: 1-10-2013


Stephen Davis – What the Yankees Did To Us

David chats with author Stephen Davis about his book What the Yankees Did to Us: Sherman’s Bombardment and Wrecking of Atlanta. This book creates a timeline of Sherman and the Union Forces’ journey towards Atlanta and how the destruction ultimately took months not just the few days it took to set the city ablaze.

Original Air Date: 1-09-2013


John Dinges – Hugo Chavez

As Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez emerges from his third surgery to help fight cancer, David chats with journalist John Dinges about this larger-than-life figure. Since his election in 1998, Chavez has continually clashed with leaders in the United States leading to increasingly tense diplomatic relations even if a surplus of oil has kept economic relations fairly cordial.

Original Air Date: 12-18-2012