Jim Davidson – The Ledge

David speaks with climber Jim Davidson about his new book The Ledge. In 1992, Davidson was descending Mt. Ranier when he and his partner fell 80 feet into an icy crevasse. After watching the death of his partner and suffering severe injuries of his own, Davidson found the strength to pull his way out of crevasse to safety. Aside from being a harrowing story, this book serves as a lesson to all that even the most impossible obstacles can be overcome.

Original Air Date: 08-30-2011


Ben Mezrich – Sex on the Moon

David speaks with author Ben Mezrich about his new book Sex on the Moon: The Amazing Story Behind the Most Audacious Heist in History. This book is based on the unbelievable true story of Thad Roberts, a former NASA employee who organized a heist to steal the world’s largest cache of moon rocks. After successfully stealing a multi-million dollar supply of moon rocks to impress his girlfriend of three weeks, Roberts was arrested in an FBI sting while trying to sell the rocks to Belgium collector.

Original Air Date: 08-29-2011


Frank Meeink – Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead

David speaks with Frank Meeink who has just written a new autobiography called Autobiography of a Recovering Skinhead. This striking memoir recounts the life of a reformed skinhead. Born to an abusive, junky father and a neglectful mother, Meeinks seeds of hate grew quickly and by 17 he was involved in Philadelphia’s neo-Nazi movement.

Original Air Date: 08-24-2011


James Foley – Captured in Libya

David speaks with James Foley of international news site Globalpost about his time held captive in Libya. In April 2011, while reporting the clashes between Muammar Gaddafi and rebel forces, Foley was captured by Gaddafi’s forces and held captive for 44 days for what Gaddafi’s regime called “reporting without permission.”

Original Air Date: 08-22-2011


Charles Powell – Human Trafficking

David speaks with Charles Powell, the founder of The Mercy Movement and co-author of the new book Not in My Town: Exposing and Ending Human Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery. The book deals with the issue of human trafficking, but not in some far away land. Contrary to popular belief, Powell claims that some of the largest problems in the world with human trafficking occurs in the United States in unassuming cities like Atlanta.

Original Air Date: 08-18-2011


CJ Chivers – The Gun

David speaks with CJ Chivers about his latest book, The Gun, which traces the history of the Russian born Kalashnikov rifle. CJ Chivers is an American journalist and author who reports for The New York Times. In the summer of 2007, he was named the newspaper’s Moscow bureau chief, replacing Steven Lee Myers. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 2009 as part of a team of New York Times reporters and photographers awarded for their dispatches from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Original Air Date: 08-17-2011


Rachel Shteir – The Steal

David speaks with author Rachel Shteir about her latest book The Steal. Billed as a “cultural history of shoplifting,” this book is the first of its kind to examine history behind shoplifting and the psychology behind those who commit the act. As a writer, Shteir has written for numerous magazines and newpapers including The New York Times, Playboy, The Huffington Post and The Village Voice among others. The Steal is Shteir’s third book.

Original Air Date: 08-15-2011


Bruce Feiler – Generation Freedom

David speaks with New York Times best-selling author Bruce Feiler aboutise his latest book “Generation Freedom.” This book takes a first-hand look at the string of youth-driven uprisings in the Middle East which started in Tunisia in December 2010. Aside from looking at the actual actions of the youth, it looks at how their uprising signals a change in ideology in Middle East terrorism, relations with the Western world and radical Islamic ideals.

Original Air Date: 08-11-2011


Lisa Baron – The Life of the Party

David speaks with former Ralph Reed spokesperson Lisa Baron about her tell-all book Life of the Party: A Political Press Tart Bares All. Former Ralph Reed spokesperson Lisa Baron joins David to talk about her book Life of the Party: A Political Press Tart Bares All. This books reveals how she and an entire army of fresh-faced college graduates entering the world of politics acted away from the offices of the politicians they worked for as new breed of Washington insiders. As a Republican political spokesperson, the pro-choice, pro-gay Baron learned to become the face and voice behind a score of Conservative politicians while being anything but off the clock.

Original Air Date: 08-9-2011


Rob Kutner – The Future According to Me

David speaks with comedy writer Rob Kutner about his latest book, an e-book called “The Future According to Me.” A native Atlantan, Kutner attended The Westminster school with Ed Helms and Brian Bumgartner, both future cast members of The Office. After attending Princeton University, Kutner has gone on to write for Dennis Miller Live, The Daily Show and currently Conan. As a follow up to his first book “Apocalypse How,” Kutner’s latest Kindle single is a short writing on 35 possible scenarios for life in the future.

Original Air Date: 08-8-2011