Ellen Barry – Russia’s Spy Ring

Ellen Barry, a New York Times correspondent based in Russia, discusses the sensational discovery of Russian spies living false suburban American lives. Barry explains the aims behind the suburban spies, the confusion created by the seeming lack of espionage exercised by such spies, and the high status held by Russian spies in the eyes of their homeland.

Original Air Date: 06-30-2010


Charles Sennott – McChrystal & Petraeus

Charles Sennott is the founder and editor of the international news service GlobalPost.com and is the former Chief Foreign Correspondent for The Boston Globe. Sennott, who has reported extensively from Iraq and Afghanistan, talks about the recent upheaval in the military and President Obama’s decision to replace General Stanley McChrystal with General David Petraeus in Afghanistan.

Original Air Date: 06-27-2010

Johnathan Alter – The Promise: Year One

Newsweek columnist Johnathan Alter speaks with David Lewis about his newest book The Promise: President Obama Year One. The book follows the first year of Obama’s presidency and what he did and didn’t accomplish. The book includes interviews with all the members of Obama’s administration and cabinet.

Original Air Date: 06-17-2010


Steve Eubanks – To Win and Die in Dixie

Following on the heals of the Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta and the all-consuming controversy of Tiger Woods, David will be speaking to author Steve Eubanks about another golf scandal – this from nearly 80 years ago, also involving the best player in the game, and it occurred right here in Atlanta. The book is called, To Win and Die in Dixie: The Birth of the Modern Golf Swing and the Mysterious Death of Its Creator.

Original Air Date: 06-16-2010


Sue Miller – The Lake Shore Limited

Acclaimed and best-selling author Sue Miller talks about her latest novel, The Lake Shore Limited. Miller’s previous books include The Senator’s Wife, Lost in the Forest, The World Below, and While I Was Gone.

Original Air Date: 06-11-2010


Jeff Stein – SpyTalk

Jeff Stein is the Washington Post’s blogger on matters of intelligence. His blog, SpyTalk, tracks insider news from the intelligence services. One of his most recent entries, however, attracted much wider attention from across the web. CIA unit’s wacky idea: depict Saddam as gay. David speaks with Stein about this and other strange initiatives contemplated by the CIA.

Original Air Date: 06-4-2010


Mary Tillman – Mother of Pat Tillman

David speaks with Mary Tillman, mother of the former NFL star Pat Tillman who died while serving in Afghanistan. Pat was an NFL running back who left football to join the army after 9-11. He was killed in Afghanistan from friendly fire. But his parents were told that he was killed by the enemy. This misinformation became the subject of much controversy. Mary Tillman has recently written a book about her experience titled Boots on the Ground By Dusk.

Original Air Date: 06-1-2010

Part 1 [audio:http://1690wmlb.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Mary-Tillman-Pat-Tillman-1-mixdown.mp3]

Part 2 [http://1690wmlb.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Mary-Tillman-Pat-Tillman-2-mixdown.mp3]

Howard Hart – Intelligence Follies

Howard Hart is the most-decorated spy in CIA history. Following the firing last week of Dennis Blair, the Director of National Intelligence (essentially the highest position in intelligence meant to oversee and coordinate between all the different intelligence gathering agencies), Hart speaks to the implications on the CIA and the larger intelligence community.

Original Air Date: 06-1-2010