Harry Sommers – Drug Trafficking in Atlanta

Harry Sommers – Drug Trafficking in Atlanta

David chats with Harry Sommers, the DEA Special Agent in Charge of the Atlanta Field Division about the business of drug trafficking in the Atlanta area. While still a big problem in the area, Sommers notes that recent raids and sting operations have led to the arrest and conviction of hundreds of members of Mexican drug cartels doing business in Atlanta.

Original Air Date: 10-31-2012


Perry Brickman – Emory Dental School

Earlier this month, after more than 50 years of denial, Emory University formally apologized for years of anti-Semitism at its dental school, when dozens of Jewish students were flunked out or forced to repeat courses, leaving many feeling inadequate and ashamed for decades despite successful careers. This apology came due to the work of Perry Brickman, a former Emory University student, who compiled hours of video featuring interviews with former students who suffered the same fate. Brickman joins David to tell his personal story of discrimination and why he decided to speak up so many years later.

Original Air Date: 10-24-2012

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Duncan Gardham – Abu Hamza

Duncan Gardham – Abu Hamza David chats with Duncan Gardham, the Security Correspondent for the Telegraph UK, about the case of Abu Hamza. After 8 years of appeals, Hamza was extradited to the United States on October 5th and faces charges ranging from aiding a kidnapping in Yemen to planning to open a training camp for militants in Oregon.

Original Air Date: 10-22-2012


Patricia Cornwell – The Bone Bed

Patricia Cornwell – The Bone Bed David speaks with acclaimed suspense author Patricia Cornwell about her latest forensic thriller The Bone Bed. The book features the return of Cornwell’s most-popular character Kay Scarpetta for the 20th book featuring the heroine. Originally a journalist, Cornwell’s interest in crime novels came in 1984 when working for the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Virgnia. After working with the Richmond Police Department, Cornwell’s curiosity led to the creation of Kay Scarpetta.

Original Air Date: 10-18-2012


Carissa Phelps – Runaway Girl

Carissa Phelps – Runaway Girl Carissa Phelps to chat about her incredible life story as written in her book Runaway Girl. After leaving a turbulent and abusive home life at age 12, Phelps found herself forced into prostitution on the streets of Southern California. After years of living a life consisting of drug use, sexual abuse, and prostitution, Phelps escaped. Carissa now holds degrees from UCLA in law and business and works with at-risk youth.

Original Air Date: 10-15-2012


Don Mann – Inside Seal Team 6

David chats with former Seal Team 6 member Don Mann. Seal Team 6 is best known as the special operations team that led a strike on Osama Bin Laden in May 2011 that led to the death of the al-Qaeda leader. Mann has recently written a book about his experiences with the Seal team called Inside Seal Team 6: My Life and Missions with America’s Elite Warriors.

Original Air Date: 10-9-2012

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Brooks Jackson – FactCheck.org

David is joined by Brooks Jackson, the Director and co-Founder of FactCheck.org, a website that seeks to reduce the level of confusion and deception in U.S. politics. A veteran of CNN, the Associated Press, and the Wall Street Journal, Jackson has been working around Washington and the national politics scene since 1970. In 1992, he pioneered the concept of debunking false and misleading political statements for CNN.

Original Air Date: 09-27-2012