Mat Honan – My Epic Hacking

David chats with Wired Magazine Senior Writer Mat Honan about his article “How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking.” On August 3, Honan found out first hand how quick a person’s entire digital persona can be destroyed. In a matter of minutes, hackers infiltrated Honan’s Gmail, Twitter, Amazon, and iCloud accounts deleting his account and wiping all the data off his iMac, iPhone, and iPad. After piecing his accounts back together Mat decided to confront the hackers not to press charges, but instead to figure out what flaws they found and how they hacked his life so easily.

Original Air Date: 12-12-2012


Richard Cohen – I Want to Kill the Dog

David speaks to author Richard Cohen about his new memoir I Want to Kill The Dog, relating to his struggle for domestic harmony despite the horrible shrieks and attacks from one unruly mutt. Having written books on his struggles with cancer and MS, this book serves not just as an ode to the dog he shares a home with but also the redemptive power of humor and family when banishing the beast is not an option.

Original Air Date: 12-7-2012


Chris Anderson – Makers

David chats with Wired magazine Editor Chris Anderson about his new books Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. This book takes the readers directly to the front lines of America’s new industrial revolution that allows consumers to see their process from beginning to end without leaving the house. Anderson looks at new tools available to tinkerers, inventors, and madmen like smartphone parts, 3D printers, and cost-free CAD software that makes the process of creation easier than ever.

Original Air Date: 12-5-2012


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Nancy Flake Johnson – Urban League of Greater Atlanta

David is joined by Nancy Flake Johnson, the CEO of the Urban League of Greater Atlanta. For over a century, the Urban League has been advocating for the rights of African-Americans and against racial discrimination in the United States. As the nation’s largest community organization, it also strives to mentor and train those in urban communities who may otherwise find themselves held back from advancement.

Original Air Date: 11-30-2012


Brad Shreiber – Becoming Jimi Hendrix

David speaks with writer Brad Schreiber, co-author of the new biography Becoming Jimi Hendrix which traces back to Hendrix’s early years in Seattle and Memphis, before he was famous.

Original Air Date: 11-28-2012


Jeffrey Solomon – The Art of Doing Good

David is joined by Jeffrey Solomon, the President of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, to chat about his new book called The Art of Doing Good. This book, written with Charles Bronfman, examines 18 social innovators and their non-profits to shine some light on the challenges and issues a non-profit can expect to face throughout its lifespan. While this book highlights only 18 non-profits, it also provides the groundwork for all potential non-profit organizations.

Original Air Date: 11-27-2012


Brooks Jackson – FactCheck.Org Post-Election Report

David checks in with Brooks Jackson from FactCheck.Org for a wrap-up on the election season and some the great fibs that were told not only by those who ultimately won, but also those who ultimately lost. Aside from the very public national election, some of the local elections ended up as nasty and untruthful as the generally nasty Presidential contest.

Original Air Date: 11-15-2012


Barry Neild on Jimmy Savile

David chats with GlobalPost’s Barry Neild about the curious case of Jimmy Savile. Once the beloved host of the BBC’s Top of the Pops and Jim’ll Fix It, the recently passed Savile is being exposed for his inappropriate relationships with British boys and girls throughout his career.

Original Air Date: 11-16-2012


Drew Jubera – Must Win

David chats with Drew Jubera about his book Must Win: A Season of Survival for a Town and Its Team. The book chronicles an entire season spent with the Valdosta High School football team, the winningest high school football team in America. Although the team has won more national titles than any other, Valdosta High School’s team has fallen on tough times after Valdosta’s long-time coach died (of a heart-attack in the school cafeteria) and changing demographics caused a majority of the white players to move to cross-town rival Lowndes High School. This is a story of a mighty team trying to regain its legacy and the respect of its long time supporters.

Original Air Date: 11-14-2012

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