Deborah Amos – Eclipse of the Sunnis

David speaks with Deborah Amos, who has been reporting on the Middle East with NPR for the past 30 years, about her latest book Eclipse of the Sunnis. This book examines the complex relationship between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims. Although the Sunnis still dominate worldwide as the largest denomination of Islam, Shia holds a stronghold in high-conflict countries like Iran, Iraq, Bahrain and Lebanon.

Original Air Date: 02-28-2011


Howard Hart – Egypt’s Revolution

David speaks with former CIA case officer Howard about the recent events in Egypt and the revolutionary upheaval spreading across the region. Hart was himself stationed in Iran during the Islamic Revolution and was of the senior military coordinators for the failed rescue mission of the occupied American Embassy.

Original Air Date: 02-22-2011


Lonnie Holley

David speaks with Bill Arnett, co-founder of Tinwood Media, and African American artist Lonnie Holley. Holley began his artistic life in 1979 by carving tombstones for his sister’s two children who died in a house fire. He used blocks of a soft sandstone-like by-product of metal casting which was discarded in piles by a foundry near his sister’s house. He believes that divine intervention led him to the material and inspired his artwork. Believing he had discovered some of the finest art he had ever seen, Bill Arnett helped bring Holley’s art out of Alabama and into exhibits at the 1996 Olympics, The Smithsonian and museums all around the world.

Original Air Date: 02-17-2011


The Singers of Gee’s Bend

David speaks with Matt Arnett, co-founder of Tinwood Media, about the Singers of Gee’s Bend and how Matt was able to find this community of singers and quilt makers and bring their art to the forefront.

Original Air Date: 02-15-2011


Brad Shreiber – Becoming Jimi Hendrix

David speaks with writer Brad Schreiber, co-author of the new biography Becoming Jimi Hendrix which traces back to Hendrix’s early years in Seattle and Memphis, before he was famous.

Original Air Date: 02-7-2011


Octavia Nasr – Arab Revolution

David speaks with Octavia Nasr, an expert in Arab affairs and former Middle East correspondent for CNN. As an expert in social media, Nasr speaks about how the Arab world has used Twitter, Facebook, blogs and other social media outlets for gathering a following and keeping the world up to date as typical media outlets never could.

Original Air Date: 02-3-2011


Dr. Lawrence Pintak – al-Jazeera and Egypt

David speaks with Dr. Lawrence Pintak, the Dean of Communications at Washington State University, about al-Jazeera and its role in Egypt. Before taking his role at Washington State, Pintak was a longtime reporter for CBS in the Middle East. His new book, appropriately released this week, is calledThe New Arab Journalist: Mission and Identity in a Time of Turmoil.

Original Air Date: 02-2-2011