Lorie Conway – Boston Marathon

Lorie_conway-150x150David chats with filmmaker and Boston resident Lorie Conway about Monday’s bomb blast at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. At the time of the explosion, Lorie was making the 5 block trek from her apartment to the finish line when she heard the explosions and began to see the commotion head her way. She chats about the mood in Boston and the possible effects this will have on Boston’s future.

Original Air Date: 4-18-2013


Steve Korn – Radio Free Europe

Steve_Korn-150x150David chats with former Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty President and CEO Steve Korn about his time with the organization in Prague. Originally formed during the Cold War as an anti-communist news source, Radio Free Europe still serves many of the countries in the so-called “Iron Curtain” but also serves more volatile countries like Iran and Afghanistan. Although his tenure only lasted around a year and a half, Korn oversaw the rapidly changing broadcast radio landscape and dealt with often less than hospitable governments.

Original Air Date: 4-17-2013

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Part 2


Michael D’Antonio – Mortal Sins

Michael_Dantonio-150x150Journalist Michael D’Antonio chats about his most recent book Mortal Sins: Sex, Crime, and the Era of Catholic Scandal, the definitive history of the church’s “most severe crisis since the Reformation.” Having written histories on a broad range of topics including Dodgers baseball, America’s space program, and Pennsylvania’s most famous chocolate company, D’Antonio’s most recent book examines the history of scandal in the Catholic church and how the most commonly known details are just the beginning of a very long and strange story.

Original Air Date: 4-10-2013

Part 1

Part 2