Rising Up’ Documentary Follows Building Of ‘The Benz’ — And Revitalizing The Community

All things Considered Interview

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Mercedes-Benz Stadium film goes behind scenes of costly, stressful build

Atlanta Journal Constitution Article

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Saporta Report: Homeless Support Sleep Out and Rising Up Premiere

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Directing an interview with Stacey Abrams for GroundTruth Films. Interview was done by Charlie Sennott.

First interview with Arthur Blank for the documentary, Rising Up.

To film Rising Up we had to do some crazy things — like climb a 200 foot shoring tower to get onto the truss that would hold up the revolutionary roof.

Filming for Macy’s in Rwanda with DP Will Atherton





Moderating a Panel at Rotary Club with Arthur Blank, Pulte Group CEO Richard Dugas, and Frank Fernandez of the Blank Foundation


Filming a Coke spot with Paul Mailman


Filming in Honduras with Byron Small

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