Gospel Music Channel Promo

A promo for an hour documentary for The Gospel Music Channel (GMC) looking into why so many American Idol finalists come out of the gospel and Christian contemporary musical traditions.

Shot in Nashville and Atlanta, guests included: Chris Sligh, Phil Stacey, Mandisa, Melinda Doolittle and MTV’s Gil Kaufman.

CNBC Business Nation – The Tri-Border

This CNBC investigation of illegal financial activity and terrorist financing in Latin America was done for their magazine program, Business nation. Shot in Asuncion and Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, Foz da Iguacu and Sao Paulo, Brazil, New York and Washington, DC. This shoot required massive security because of the possibility of street crime and took us on hidden camera shoots of gun stores and stores selling counterfeit goods, inside mosques in the heart of the jungle, out on patrol with Brazilian river police, on raids with Paraguayan Special Forces and inside many unique situations.

Subjects included: investigator Mark McCabe, a former CIA Case Officer, former FBI terrorism-financing Chief Dennis Lormel, Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau and many others.

The on-camera reporter was Trish Regan.

CNN Presents – Nuclear Terror

A CNN Presents documentary on the possibility of nuclear terrorism: who would want to try it, how they’d do it and how to stop it. A group project shot all over the world, the portions done by David Lewis were shot in Hong Kong, Macau, Los Angeles and Long Beach, Boston, New York and Washington, DC.

The filming involved hidden camera shooting in Macau, on boats in the South China Sea, in container ports in Hong Kong and Los Angeles, going on patrol with Coast Guard teams and many other unique environments.

Experts included: Graham Allison and Matthew Bunn from Harvard, Stephen E. Flynn from the Council on Foreign Relations and Physicist Matthew McKinzie from the NRDC

Bill O’Reilly – In Defense of America

The promo for an hour special for the FOX network done with FOX News personality, Bill O’Reilly.

Done shortly after 9/11, the special focused on untold stories of American soldiers and spies and featured interviews with Navy SEALS, a Marine tank commander, an Air Force A-10 pilot, an Army Ranger who was part of the Blackhawk Down incident and others. It also features the only TV interview done with the most-decorated spy in CIA history, Howard Hart.

CNN – Consumer Discovery

A film done for CNN for internal purposes to show its leaders how to tell stories in ways most appealing to potential viewers. The film featured CNN USA President, John Klein, plus various consumers of CNN.